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Cook for the Soul Visual Guide

Download PDF • 186.46MB

Here's my free PDF downloadable 'visual guide' to support some of the recipes in Cook for the Soul that didn't have an accompanying photo in the book. I know how important visual cues can be when it comes to making a recipe (and for me it's a huge decider as to whether or not I make the recipe!) so I'm really excited to share these with you.

All of these photographs have been shot by me in my small spare-bedroom-turned-studio in Cheltenham and I was so excited to be able to create some of these recipes from the book again to enjoy and share just for this project. Food styling and food photography is something I've found a huge passion for.

Recipes are laid out in order of how they appear in the book, broken up by chapters and with their page numbers for easy reference.

My aim is to create simple, approachable and accessible recipes for everyone. Whether you're new to the kitchen or more experienced and looking for some new inspiration - I really hope you find these pages valuable.

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