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"The second delicious cookbook from bestselling author, Lucy Lord, with over 80 fresh, fun, and creative recipes to feed your soul.

Good food feeds the soul, great cooking shares the love.

From Sunday Times bestselling author, Lucy Lord, Cook for the Soul is bursting with fresh, flavourful, and creative dishes to help you rediscover a love for cooking.


Food can lift your mood, deliver new experiences, and help you connect with family and friends away from the pressures of daily life. Lucy’s philosophy is all about finding those moments – whether you have 20 minutes or two hours to spare – to pause, regroup, and share the joy delicious homecooked dishes, amazing ingredients, and good times.


So, dig into this beautiful book and discover that happiness really is homemade."

Chapters include:

  • Breakfasts & Brunches

  • Light, Fresh & Flourish

  • Quick & Simple

  • Slow, Nourishing & Comforting

  • Centre-stage Side Dishes

  • Any Excuse to Bake

  • Drinks

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