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How to : Poach an egg

Whether your eggs are farm fresh or from the supermarket, here are 5 tips to help you perfect that perfect teardrop shaped poached egg with a soft, runny yellow yolk - at home! I show you step by step how to choose your egg, how to prepare it (and in my opinion, the most underrated step!), what pot to use, how much water, what kind of boil we need, how to create a whirlpool and whether or not to use vinegar. Everything you need to know is right below.

Useful Video Timestamps:

Understanding your egg: 00:18

Preparing the egg: 00:36

The best pot to use: 01:21

Water level and gentle simmer: 01:41

Vinegar or not to vinegar?: 02:09

Creating a whirlpool: 02:32

Poaching process:02:46

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