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Is there anything more awkward than writing about yourself, for yourself, on your own website?

Didn't think so.

In an attempt to stop spamming my 'gram with my scran, I've built this platform to host recipes that I love. I'm a self-taught home cook who couldn't scramble much together, aside from an omelette, until well into my 20's. Never too late to start, my aim for this website is to host recipes made from real foods, cooked simply, done well and enjoyed mindfully. I hope to strip the labels ('clean', 'paleo' etc.) that side-tracked a lot of my cooking and food enjoyment in my early 20's and the often elitist-label and price tag that came with 'eating well'.

I have included the nutritional breakdown for those who are interested and 'good to know' information to keep recipes inclusive and informative to those who have food intolerances, allergies or various lifestyle choices.


I believe when you put in the time to make your food and know what goes in, you're less likely to throw it back mindlessly. I also believe there is a huge difference between being full and being satisfied, so whilst you won't find any 0% greek yogurt, protein powder and overly stevia-d recipes impersonating a cheesecake dessert here (we've all been there) - you will find real cheesecake, made with real fruit and real sugar, that won't leave you in the restriction-rebound and knee deep in a pack hobnobs at midnight.

I hope you find recipes that not only taste great, but help to empower you to feel good and support whatever lifestyle you choose to live.

Everything in moderation (including moderation), because you really can have your cake and eat it too.

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