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How to: Fill a piping bag

Once you've spent time creating the perfect buttercream, it can be so frustrating when it's difficult to functionally use. Piping buttercream rather than spreading it on opens up so many options in terms of decorating and style but requires an extra step - filling a piping bag. Here are all the tips and tricks I've found along the way for a mess and fuss-free experience.

Useful Video Timestamps:

Bag type: 00:11

Measuring & cutting for the tip: 00:24

Using the glass: 01:34

Twist/peg tip: 01:49

Filling the bag: 02:18

Re-filling and common troubleshoots: 03:15


Piping bags (quality matters here, I love Tala ones)

Piping tips (I'm using a Wilton 1M)


Large glass

Check out this guide on my favourite, go-to American basic vanilla buttercream recipe

This guide on how to pipe a classic buttercream swirl

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