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Cheesy, garlic pull apart loaf

Welcoming CJ @foodchambers to be the first guest contributor to Supper Club. I can't read a food magazine, cookbook or go out to eat without thinking - what would I change? Then I saw this cheese pull and thought nahhh, I have to have this recipe. Just as it is. Loaded with layers of cheese and a homemade garlic butter. Soaked into a sliced bloomer and baked until gooey. Divine.

Time to prep : 15 minutes

Time to bake : 25 minutes

Servings : 8


1 baby bloomer loaf

250g shredded mozzarella cheese

150g Boursin cheese

Sprigs of fresh rosemary or thyme, optional

Garlic butter

100g parsley, finely chopped

500g butter

1 clove of garlic clove

Large pinch of salt


  1. Start by making the garlic butter. Use a pestle and mortar to crush the garlic with the salt - this will help break it down quicker. Mix in the butter and parsley. Set to one side

  2. Preheat a fan oven to 200C

  3. Cut into the top of the bloomer loaf in a criss-cross pattern, cutting 3/4 deep, making sure each slice is chunky (about 1" thick). Brush 1/3 of the garlic butter over the top of the loaf and let it seep into the cracks

  4. Mix the Boursin and shredded mozzarella together and then stuff this mix into the loaf making sure you get in, around and to the depth of each crease. Brush another 1/3 of the butter mixture over the top of the bloomer, tuck in any springs of fresh herbs if using, and then wrap the bloomer tightly in foil and bake for 20 minutes

  5. Once baked, peel back the foil so the top of the bloomer is exposed and pour over the remaining garlic butter, putting it back in the oven (bloomer exposed) for another 5 minutes

  6. Remove from the oven, tear and share

Nutritional Information

(per slice)

306 calories

21g protein, 100g carbs, 40g fat

Good to know:

  • You can use any type of bread: bloomer, baguette, wholemeal, white etc. CJ recommends a white bloomer

  • This garlic butter is also amazing spread straight onto toast, on top of a baked potato or to bring to life steamed vegetables

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