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Dubbed 'The Cocktail of 2023', the Hugo is a the sweet and refreshing Italian Spritz sister to the Aperol. Using a similar 3-2-1 formula but using elderflower liqueur (St. Germain), mint and lime. Summer daytime drinking's new bff.

Total time to make : 5 minutes

Servings : 1


50ml Elderflower liqueur (St. Germain)

100ml soda water/sparkling water

150ml Prosecco

Ice* this is essential, you want this drink to be ice-y cold when served. I love using these large ice-cube moulds

To serve: lime slices (fresh or dehydrated) and fresh mint

I find a 2:3:1 ratio is my favourite for Limoncello spritz. Can easily be made in a large pitcher or jug for occasions.


  1. This cocktail can be mixed straight in the serving glass or pitcher. I love a large, thin stemmed wine glass.

  2. Muddle a few fresh mint leaves first into the glass. As the leaves bruise it releases the mint oils and aromas.

  3. Fill the glass with ice.

  4. Pour in the elderflower liqueur, soda water and Prosecco. Stir to mix.

  5. Garnish with lime slices and fresh mint.

  6. Enjoy! Sip responsibly.

Nutritional Information

(per serving)

139 calories

0g fat, 18g carbs, 0g protein


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