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Almond butter

despite Sydney having a great brunch and cafe scene, I still think UK food-on-the-go and supermarkets win. Almond butter is all time my favourite, however, Australia is years behind the nut butter game - so I learnt how to make my own! It's cheaper, tastier and the

flavour options are endless

You need a really good food processor to make nut butter, nutribullets just won't cut it. I use Cuisinart or KitchenAid - they can be quite an investment, but there are usually great 2nd hand options on gumtree etc. (and worth every penny)

Total time to make : 10 - 20 minutes

Time to prep : 10 minutes if roasting

Servings : Fills 1 x 450g jar (about 30 tbsps)


400g almonds

1 tsp salt

* you can either buy raw almonds, roast them yourself (warm ones are easier to blend) or buy ready-roasted almonds. As long as they're not already salted, they'll be good to go!



  1. If you're roasting your own almonds, preheat a fan oven to 180C and tip the almonds onto a baking tray

  2. Roast almonds for 10 minutes

  3. Pour your roasted, or ready-roasted almonds into your food processor and turn on. I have listed the various stages below. I like to check mine every 2 minutes (quality control and all..) and scrape down the sides with a spatula so there are no chunks left

  4. From 0 - 2 minutes the almonds will grind down into a flour-like texture

  5. 2 - 4 minutes usually a hard 'ball' forms in mine as it continues to be spun down

  6. 4 - 6 minutes it finally turns into a butter but it's a grainy, thick paste

  7. 7 - 10 minutes the nut butter continues to be processed down until it's finally, a liquid golden, runs-off-the-spoon texture. At this stage, I season with a tsp of flakey sea salt, spin it again to combine then pour it into a sterilised jar


Nutritional Information

(per 15g/1 tbsp)

95 calories

4g protein, <1g carbs, 8g fat

Good to know:

  • Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place. Eat within 12 weeks

  • You can add various spices (cinnamon, pumpkin spice etc.), always add these at the very end

  • If you're adding more than a few tsps of spices, or adding a sweetener (eg. maple syrup), I always need to add in an oil to keep the nut butter liquid (rather than a paste). My favourite is extra-virgin coconut oil. Avoid anything water-based which won't mix with your nut butter and create separation that you can't un-do

  • Vegan, Vegetarian


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