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Siargao (Philippines)

Known for its world-class surfing and picturesque landscapes with crystal-clear water and palm-fringed beaches and forests. Siargao is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

The island boasts a laid-back vibe and a friendly local community, making it an ideal destination for those looking to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

For food enthusiasts, the island is bursting with delicious Filipino street food stalls and independent restaurants. Seafood is the highlight of the island's cuisine with freshly caught fish, squid, and prawns featuring heavily in dishes. There's also lots of vegan and vegetarian options, showcasing the island's abundance of fresh produce.



The best place on the island for a good cup of coffee is hands down White Beard Coffee. Tucked away down a sandy side street, I loved that they opened earlier than most other spots on the island (7am). Small but always busy, they serve great coffee - hot or cold - but I was obsessed with their 'creamy cloud 9' brew which came bottled and chilled alongside a glass of ice. Super smooth, strong and a little sweet. I came back 3x just for this.

I didn't stay for breakfast but their menu looked great (filipino sausage and eggs with waffles, toast or french toast).


Traditional Filipino breakfasts tend to consist of a cooked meat or sausage, eggs and sinangag - or garlic fried rice - which is absolutely delicious. Check out Shaka for beautiful morning smoothie bowls and iced coffees. There are a few branches based around the Philippines and Siargao's one is based on the beach by the Cloud 9 surf spot and is busy from the moment it opens.

For lunches and into the evening you'll find lots of pop-up street food stalls selling sweet or savoury foods spread out throughout General Luna and over the bridge (a great sunset spot). Kermit has an Italian based restaurant that does a great stonebaked pizza. Cumin was highly recommended and I had an incredible, fresh beef kebab there. My favourite spot by far was Kurvada, which I loved so much I went to 3x in my one week. There's always a queue of people, mixed locals and tourists, waiting for it to open - grab a plate and load up on local, homemade filipino food which is super cheap (a few pounds for an overfilled, piled-up plate).

Wander into bakeries or street stalls to find an Ube bread roll. A purple yam commonly used in Filipino cuisine, these sweet bread rolls are purple in colour and filled with a sweet, ube centre. They only cost a few pence and are delicious.

Mangoes are the national fruit of the Philippines and they're the best I've ever tasted! Check out all of Supper Club's mango recipes here.




Siargao airport is tiny and about 45 minutes away from General Luna which is the central 'hub' of the island and where most hotels are based. Car taxis or motorbike takis are available but the most common form of transport are tourist vans which take about 9 people and drop you off to your hotel spot for a flat fee (~ 300 pesos per person).

To get about day-to-day you can rent a scooter for a few pounds a day or catch motorbike taxis. Drive up to coconut road and the viewpoint (early in the morning best to get the morning mist over the palm trees and also much less busy).

Yoga + Movement

The island is reknowned for it's surfing and there are lots or surf camps, classes and beginners groups or 1:1s available. Both Kermit and Lotus Shores had yoga classes available.


ATMs are available but it's best to take cash before arriving as they're not always reliable. When you land and when you leave you have to pay a small amount of money (about 20 pesos) in cash to somebody at a desk for the upkeep of the island.

Siargao is close by to several smaller islands only available to get to by boat, you can jump on arranged day tours where you hop between several islands.

I stayed in Surfing Temple Boutique Hotel which was beautiful and tucked away from the busyness of the General Luna.

This post was based on a trip in April 2023. None of the experiences or places mentioned have been sponsored or gifted - they are all recommendations based on my personal and unbiased opinion.

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