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My aim is to create simple, approachable and accessible recipes for everyone - so I've pulled this video and a free 6 page PDF guide together in the hope that it will help simplify the steps behind creating the perfect cinnamon bun.


Whether you're new to baking or feel like you still haven't quite nailed it yet! What is yeast, what kind do I use and how do I tweak recipes to fit different types? What type of flour is best, sugars, fillings, kneading by mixer or by hand.


This guide is paired along with my 'overnight cinnamon buns with a maple cream cheese glaze' recipe on page 144 of Food for the Soul, though the methods and terminologies will fit with most cinnamon bun recipes. I've also made this video which aims to help with visual cues as you're baking and the free downloadable guide has breakdown of the ingredients and terminologies in this guide are listed in order of when they appear in the video - and I've also linked the time-stamp so you can quickly reference it if needed.

To celebrate the release of Food for the Soul, I'm honoured to be able to share a piece of bespoke work created by very talented Johanna Basford. I've been a fan of her colouring books for years, several years ago my mum bought me a copy when I was really struggling with my sleep and looking to learn new ways to 'wind down' before bed in the evening.


Studies have shown that colouring helps to reduce stress and anxiety and Bristol University found that colouring had similar effects in the brain to meditation, slowing down a whirling mind and boosting creativity. It's hard to focus on everything you have 'to do' and what's going on/going wrong in life when we shift our attention to more mindful activities in the 'present moment', such as choosing the right shade of red for the strawberry and trying (usually failing!) to stay within the lines.

I've included a link below to download and print off your own copy and give it a go! I'd love to hear and see how you get on. Please tag me @lordlucy with your creations.

To follow more of Johanna's beautiful work, visit her website here for more free downloadable prints, her best selling books, colouring tutorials and more. Find her on instagram @johannabasford