Bend & Bake is a brand built on vulnerability, good food, Negronis, fun and most importantly, freedom.

On day 2 of our yoga teacher training in Byron Bay, Karissa and I had snuck out of our accomodation for our beloved caffeine fix at a local coffee shop, before anyone else woke up. Wandering down the empty roads at 5am, we didn't know each other too well, only through friends, so naturally I directed the conversation to what I love most. Food. I was telling her how I'd been spending my weekends concocting nut butter mixes together like potions in a laboratory. She said half jokingly, "I wish I could keep nut butter in the house, I'd just demolish it all". Sensing a friend in need and recognising the shame disguised through humour, I replied back "oh, I used to be like that" - and such, our conversation flowed. After 3 years, it hasn't stopped and we've invited thousands of people to join in along the way.

As Brené Brown so eloquently elaborates in her books, by shining light onto the habits and behaviours that bring us shame, we start to loosen the shackles that keep us small.



And so our friendship was formed and we spoke openly and freely about our relationships with food, our bodies, ourselves. Amongst our fellow yogis, we'd speak about our own experiences. I shared that had Karissa not literally forced me, I very nearly didn't sign up to the yoga teacher training because I believed that I was going to be the only person not rocking a size XS in lululemon. I felt like I wasn't going to belong and that I didn't deserve to be there. Then I started to realise - it wasn't just us. Holy crap. I had long repaired my relationship with food and so I began to work on the limiting self-beliefs living rent free in my own mind. The more we spoke about it the more I realised how many people were struggling. Just like I had done.

Our conversations fuelled Karissa to complete her dual masters in neuroscience/psychology and leave her job personal training to become an eating behaviour specialist and gifted yoga teacher. My passion for creating, capturing and sharing recipes was paving a huge career shift and I can hand on heart say that had I not worked through my own struggles, Food for the Soul and everything it stands for - would not exist. As a way to bring people together through food, movement and conversations usually kept quiet - we planned an in-person event in Sydney at the start of 2020. Covid-19 scrapped these plans but knowing we had something valuable to share, we took it online and as such, Bend & Bake was born.

In 2021, we launched a series of in-person events which sold out within 7 minutes on pre-sale and a series of four online events, Bend & Bake, which maxed capacity and has started to build a momentum and community that we are both passionate about sharing.


Bend and bake is a 3 part event to get you moving, connecting and nourishing your body, mind and soul. This special July event is bigger and better than before: going off of the incredible feedback we received from the March series, we've increased the duration of the baking and workshop segments, added a new segment of guided mediation and breath-work following the yoga and packed in more information, tools and discussion time in the workshop.


When you join, you'll receive our 'virtual goody bag' welcome email with the full recipe card, journalling prompts for the workshop so you can really get the most out of it, a specially curated music playlist for the yoga and everything you need to be ready ahead of the event.


Shortly after the event, you'll receive a full recording of the event, a summary of notes on the information we discussed in the workshop.




Bake. We start off the event with a live cookalong and a delicious, simple recipe created exclusively for Bend and Bake by Lucy. When you join, you'll receive the full recipe card with all the ingredients and equipment you'll need ahead of time. We move at a relaxed, easy pace.


Move. Whilst our bakes cool down, we move to our yoga mats - or any free space will do! - for a yoga flow lead by Karissa. Suitable for beginners, this 30 minute full body flow has been designed to gently move the body, stretching into any tight areas whilst still building strength and challenging our body and mind. Karissa will offer modifications for those who are brand new to the practice and if you have a more advanced practice, you're welcome to add-in progressions as we move through.


Breathe. A new segment to Bend & Bake! We'll close the yoga practice with a short, guided meditation coupled with some breath-work designed to really calm, centre and ground us before we move into the workshop.


Learn. Eating behaviour specialist Karissa will host our workshop discussing the complex world of dieting and the relationship we have to our bodies, food and ourselves. Neuroscience coupled with psychology, Karissa digs into overcoming self-sabotaging habits, understanding why we do what we do - and most importantly, tools on how we can change that moving forward. This July special focuses on uncovering negative habits and behaviours with our bodies, our mind and food that may have been magnified during the ongoing covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions.


Connect. We wrap up the event by holding a 30 minute bonus discussion. The floor is open to ask questions which may have come up during the workshop and we openly discuss our own journeys, learnings and share tips, tools and practices that have helped us overcome our own limited beliefs, negative self talk and building freedom around food.


We recognise the importance of community, connection and empowerment and we want to build an event that answers your unique and specific questions so that we can help you thrive in your body, kitchen and life.


Each element of the event is optional, stay with us for the entirety or come and go as you like. Full recording will be provided after the event if there's any parts you can't attend or wish to re-watch again in your own time.




All tickets include:

  • 2hr workshop + 30 minute bonus Q&A discussion

  • Virtual goody-bag welcome pack; full recipe card, journalling prompts worksheet, a specially curated music playlist for the yoga

  • Follow up full recording link and full summary notes

  • Your unique zoom link will be sent out 24 hours prior to each event taking place, to the same email you provide at checkout

Prices are listed in Australian Dollars but worldwide currency is accepted at checkout. $58 AUD works out at roughly 31.30GBP. We've included all taxes and charges in our prices.


* check your individual bank for any additional transaction fees (eg. international) that might incur.


Saturday 17th July

6pm-8:30pm (AEST) which is 9am-11:30am (UK). Find your unique timezone here


Any questions, please email me at


Thank you so much for your support and we can't wait to bring this event to life!


Hope to see you there!


Lucy & Karissa x

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